Monday, March 14, 2011

Savory Donut with Black Caviar, Nordic Fresh Shrimps,Sour Cream, Red Onion and Grated Cheddar ..

For my Goat. I heart you too:)
Wow, so here is what I did with my left over donut dough. I made Lango's a.k.a. Hungarian fried bread. They are served at  most street fairs and carnivals around Sweden. I love the fact that we live on the west coast and have some of the worlds best seafood and fish at our finger tips. I know I scored extra brownie points for this on the next mother's day. It really could not be any easier.( if you save some dough) I opted to splurge and buy the already hand pealed shrimp instead of getting them from the fish mongers and pealing them myself. I know how dare I.(That was for David Lebovitz) I removed the !

You can use any combination for your topping and we love the combination of sour cream with black caviar,red onion,fresh shrimp and grated cheese. I tell you, it is a combo that just  melts in your mouth. Some might think that the black caviar and shrimp would be to much"fishy" tasting for you, but really. It is fresh, light and you just keep licking it up.

You can make a traditional lango's dough by following this link
Or you can first make the donuts and then treat yourself to a Lango's after all that hard work.
fry my little one..fry..
Here are a few other fillings that you might find enjoyable.Sour cream/ creme fraiche (are a must), chopped or diced hams, turkey breast, salami and brei cheese, oh there are so many possibilities! Diced onions of any color, green onions, Charlotte, red, silver, yellow. Freshly grated cheese of all kinds. Be inventive have fun, and fry your little heart out. Maybe you can score some brownie points too.Happy eating my friends.

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