Thursday, September 29, 2011

. Got MILK?? We apparently don't..welcoming our neighbors to the south.....


Get it where you can. This a Finish brand VALIO, but a superb quality
Wait a minute I have a confession to tell you. I am hoarding butter. Salted, and unsalted. I don't care where it comes from, but I am not sharing. Currently Sweden is on a massive shortage of butter. Well, the cream actually. It seems, the researchers of the world have made a remarkable discovery, that BUTTER is actually good for you. Yep, go figure we can eat the stuff in droves! So..... to make a long story short. Up went the demand in Sweden, and the poor little dairy farmers, just can not keep up with demand.

There's a few factors to why we are in such a funk, at this time of year, (this has happened in December..Christmas baking...) but now in the fall. Some people ask why? Why so  little cream available to the butter industry. (Here is a link to an English article  Normally dairy cows in the summer produce less milk. Giving less whole fat cream needed for the production of butter.

Now the largest Dairy producer ARLA has informed the population that Arla are in the process of shipping cream from Denmark to help the Swedish butter shortage, and the little cream Swedish cows are producing will go to making Swedish butter, but our whipping cream will defiantly be coming from our neighbors.

I thought to welcome our lovely neighbors I would make my first attempt at baking Danish Poppyseed rolls better known as TEBIRKES. (will post at a later date...(hint...hint... tomorrow).

MUMSIGT....look at all those layers. I am so proud of these..
If your reading this in Sweden, snatch up a fridge full of butter, as this is expected to go on for at least another 4-6 weeks. Here's a little photo of the first batch still baking in the oven. See you tomorrow and I wish I had smellavision right kitchen smells just fabulous. A loaf of sourdough is next in line for the oven......See you later..
If you live in the area, all the ingredients are available at our local store. Tempo Rävlanda stationsvägen Rävlanda. You will always find helpful and friendly service with proprietors Maria and Tomas.  

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