Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely Home Baked New York style Bagels via Brunkebergs Bakery Stockholm

my very first attempt at New York style bagels from my very own kitchen
The scent of fresh bread filtering the air in my kitchen, always makes me glad. The wishing I could share that exact moment with a  trillion people repeatedly fills my mind and heart. I do not know why I LOVE
to share my food with people. It is like a drug for me. To make people happy with my baking and cooking.The act itself truly fills some sort of void in me,and I  hope it never goes away.

I have a personal challenge to bake and cook as many recipes from the years of subscribing to Elle Mat&Vin magazine, and this particular recipe comes from one of their more newer issues. Jan-Mar "NR 1 2011 VINTERMYS (wintercozy) issue.

Brunkebergs bakery is a top of the line bakery with a traditional, but yet artisan quality and is famous for many lovely breads and of course these bagels.You can check out their website here, but it is only in Swedish New York is a long ways from Sweden, so I do hope they do you justice, because they are fantastic, and better yet. They came from my kitchen.


Step one:

for the batter stage:

300 grams of water
25 grams of yeast
300 grams of bread flour with a high protein level
30 grams of honey

Step two:
the batter dough
300 grams water
30 grams vegetable oil
25 grams yeast
800 grams bread flour with high protein level
15 grams sea salt
egg for egg washing
sesame seeds, poppy seeds or what ever you like on your bagels
corn flour for dredging as much as you need i used about 1/2 cup or so of each 

step one batter process
Using your stand mixer is best here. You can make these by hand but you need to work the dough for a very long time at each step as it needs to have a lot of "elbow grease" to break down the gluten and make a smooth and elastic dough. 

Mix the ingredients from step one into a batter, and let sit at room temperature for at least two hours in a draft free spot or in the fridge over night.
Step two:
step two after two hour rising 
Blend the batter from step One with all the other ingredients minus the OIL AND SALT. work the dough in your stand mixer using the dough hook for 10 minutes, or by hand for at least double the time equaling 20 minutes of good hard kneading. Add in the vegetable oil and the salt and work the dough for another 10 minutes in your stand mixer or by hand for another 20 minutes of hard kneading.THE DOUGH SHOULD BE SILKY AND ELASTIC. Let the dough sit in a large bowl to rise for at least one hour.

twenty little pieces ready for rolling
rolled and proofing for 30 minutes
whooohooo  reminds me of a certain dough boy:)
After the dough has risen for the full one hour. Dell out twenty equal size pieces. Roll the pieces into 30 cm balls. Prepare your baking sheets with baking parchment paper that has a generous amount of flour sprinkled over the entire surface. Lay your rolls 3-5 cm apart and toss around the balls gently so they are slightly covered in a light dusting of flour. Let them sit covered with loose fitting plastic wrap to sit and rise for another 30 minutes.
Meanwhile as they are rising. Set out your cornflour, and toppings ie: sesame seeds, poppyseed in their own bowls. Set aside. Whisk up your egg wash in a small bowl and have your pastry brush close by.

it works use what you can from home is sometimes the best investment
Fantastic, are they not?
cornflour for the bottoms and white sesame seeds and white poppyseed  for toppings
dusting the bottoms in corn flour 
After the 30 minutes have passed. Use your finger to poke a indent into  the roll, and using a round cookie cutter or cannelloni tube(I used one of Lilla A's toys) to remove the center and give you the bagel shape you want. Remove the "centers" and place them to the side. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, and have some sort of draining rack prepared. I used my oven rack and a large four sided baking tray.Using a slotted spoon add no more than 4-5 bagels at a time and let them cook for ONE minute on each side. Remove with the slotted spoon and let drain and slightly cool.Preheat your oven for 225 degrees C or 437 degrees F.

Using your pastry brush. Brush a little bit of egg wash over the tops of the boiled bagels and as they are still somewhat moist from boiling. Dip the bottoms into the corn meal and dip the egg washed tops into your desired toping. Covering as much as you desire to have. Set back onto your floured baking sheets you used for the proofing stage. Continue to boil and drain, egg wash and cornflour, roll toppings on all the bagels until completed.

ready for the oven
Bake in a preheat oven for 15-20 minutes. I baked mine for a little longer as I have a very old stove. Watch them, they should have a nice golden color to them.
look at that beauty crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet in the inside.
wow, finely my very own bagels.proud I am.
NOTE: I was kind of nervous when they came out of the oven, as they seemed hard... BUT AS THEY COOLED THEY BECAME MUCH SOFTER AS THEY SHOULD BE. I recommend that you stay close by and remove them when they are just golden. Better to be safe then sorry.... Let them sit to cool for 10 minutes and fill with what ever filling you desire. From cream cheese and smoked salmon to just butter and jam. Enjoy and happy bagel baking.  Eat after cooled and store in a well sealed bag. Will stay fresh for two days, but then you will need to either toast them or reheat in the oven. These freezer  extremely well, and can go from freezer to oven-toaster. It is better to slice them in half if you choose to use the straight from the freezer to toaster method.

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