Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been to long, but now I am back

This is the Goat
Welcome back my followers:)

Some of you have probably noticed I have not posted anything lately. Between working and planning the Goats 50th birthday party. I was just too busy to get into my kitchen an make something yummy. I promise that I will at least get one thing out a week and keep on trucking with this little blog.
It was so nice for my older sister S. to come to Sweden in the end of may to visit and leave behind her copy of David Lebovitz's new book The Sweet Life In Paris. It is a little bible of the true living life of  a Paris dweller.  Having the time to rest and read a few chapters have made my soul awake with the desire to start blogging again.Thanks David!!

Thanks for dropping by and we see you all soon again. Happy 50th birthday Kim. Love you more and more each and everyday.xoxo