Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sollenbronx Bread Scandinavian bread with nuts,seeds and dried fruit

happy holidays....

Homemade bread is the best gift to yourself. It gives you the pleasure of  comfort.  I am so sorry for getting this post out so late, but I am here now and I will not bore you with all my details of cut fingers, work..etc... I want to introduce my readers to some of Sweden's more unusual recipes and I think this one sure has the place of deliciously interesting and fun to make.I adapted this recipe using dried prunes instead of figs/dates and Greek yogurt instead of Swedish traditional Fil milk(sour milk/yogurt).
I found this recipe in my favorite magazine ELLE MAT & VIN Sept-Okt NR 5 2011 ISSUE. Baking with the stars. This is a favorite of Doreen Månsson a t.v. personality on the national t.v. channel SVT.



ground in the mixer to a fine powder

Flaxseed and sunflower seeds 

sifting the flours

dried fruits and nuts at their finest!

Flour Mixture:
700 grams white flour
400 grams oatmeal flour I used organic regular oatmeal ground in a mix master until powder.
200 grams rye flour
1 teaspoon salt
100 grams unsalted sunflower seeds
100 grams flaxseed's
100 grams hazelnuts
100 grams walnuts
100 grams dried apricots
100 grams dried dates or figs( I used dried prunes )

1 liter of Greek Yogurt
Sour  milk blending:

1 liter/ 1000 grams/ of Greek Yogurt
200 grams dark syrup ( I wouldn't use maple as it is too sweet)
1½ teaspoons of baking soda

Adding syrup to yogurt and baking soda

after wet is added to dry and mixed into a stiff dough


Mix the sifted flours,dried fruit, seeds,salt and nuts, into a large bowl, and mix the Greek yogurt into a smaller bowl add the syrup and baking soda. Add the yogurt/syrup mixture to the flour mixture and stir with a wooden spoon until you get a thick and well combined dough.

I added a sliced pear on top and dusted with flour and a bit of salt
Prepare two loaf pans with a thin layer of butter and press in the dough. Lightly cover the tops of the loafs with a fine dusting of flour and a little salt and a slice pear if you wish. Bake in the lowest level rack position in your oven for 1½ hours at 175 degrees c or 350 degrees F.You can cover the tops of the loafs with a little tin foil if the tops are beginning to get a little dark.

I just love this bread I hope you do to.
After the bread has baked in the oven for 90 minutes. remove the loafs from the pans and carefully wrap the loafs in clean dish towels while very hot( be careful to not burn yourself). Let sit covered in the towel for at LEAST 5 hours.

Happy holidays wherever you are and thank you for making my blog a success. I love each and everyone of you readers. All the best to you and yours in 2012.