Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chorizo Pytt i Panna with Picked Beets and Egg Swedish style

Served with pickled red beets and a fried egg. Comfort, pure comfort
fry up your onions
It is what Swede's call Husmanskost or in english, potluck. It is the grandma on the farm recipes that cross most Swedish tables everyday. These recipes can be found at most eateries even the big fancy pancy ones located around the Stockholm and Göteborg. They are the same as "grandma's" just served up on fancy plates and charged double of what you would get if you went to a local cafe or lunch bar.

add in the potatoes 
Add  the sausage to your fried onions
These recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Our children learn to eat them in their daycares, and they serve up a mean plate of Blood pudding at school as well.(ICK) but it's tradition, and who am I to knock tradition? Let's take one of my favorite husmankost  for instance. Pytt i Panna. A pytt is a bit and panna is a frying pan. Add it all together and we get hash. Nothing new here, just way better executed then the heavy greasy hash most diner's are serving up else where.The key to good swedish pytt i panna is precooking your spuds and letting them cool completely before cooking. I always try to plan ahead to make sure I have day old boiled un pealed  potatoes for this very reason. A couple of yellow onions and the best quality chorizo sausage I can get. I really like( Gourmett Kött brand available at ICA in the sausage department) Good quality at around 90% whole meat that's a real sausage. No bum and antlers in this quality sausage! Traditional pytt i panna is made with leftover meat sausages, pot roast, even fish, chicken works well here too. Just remember that you want to cut everything in the same size smaller the better so it all cooks evenly. I always like to cook everything separately, it adds a little more time to the meal, but it is more fun that way!!
Here is my recipe for 2 hungry people or 3 light meals.
6-8 pre- cooked day old boiled potatoes pealed and diced
2 large yellow onions pealed and sliced
3 large chorizio sausage or as much meat to potato ratio you want
2 tablespoons of butter
a tablespoon of vegetable oil
salt and pepper¨
a pinch pf paprika
garlic powder a dash hear and there..
First of all it is essential that you have a good frying pan that has a non stick surface, as this will help you to cut down the amount of fat you will need to help you fry this meal up. I always peal my potatoes first and chop them up in to little cubes the size of a traditional store bought hash potato would be like, or a nice dice. I follow the same with the meat and the onions. I always fry up my onions first on medium high heat, making sure not to over brown them or burn them. Then I add in the sausage and lastly the potatoes I like to add the seasonings here, salt and pepper and a pinch of paprika is great. Remember to taste, taste, taste. There is nothing worse than a tasteless potato . 

Fry up over medium heat stirring and tossing often and adding a little more oil or butter as you go to help prevent sticking. I like to preheat my oven to 200 degrees C and pour the pre cooked pytt into an oven sheet and let the oven do all the work. It needs to be watched and tossed a few times and heat lowered to 180 degrees C for 20 minutes then fry myself up a nice sunny side up egg. Plate up top the pytt with my egg and add a heaping tablespoon of pickled red beet slices. Just amazing. A real good easy to make dinner straight from my Swedish kitchen to yours.

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