Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lazy Saturday Egg Salad

creamy loveliness

Sorry Lilla A. Today we will have to cancel your 6th birthday party, because mommy is ill. Yes of course of all days. I am so feeling under the weather these last few days, and it's looking like all I can do is spend time here on It's all about the food. I know I just posted yesterday, but I have the time now to post things that I have been meaning to post. There's not much to say about egg salad. You either love it or you hate it. Most of us who grew up in a Commonwealth country or the States, are pretty much familiar to the dreaded or beloved egg salad sandwich. I am sure  most  of us have had some "aunt" or lunch lady who insisted that their egg salad was the best, but all it did was scare the crap out of you.

I am not an egg fan. I like omelette's,fried eggs with pytti panna,but never oh NEVER a hard boiled egg on it's own. Lord help me, but noooooo. BUT..... I do just adore egg salad sandwiches.The way I grew up eating them. With chopped crunchy scallions, ribs of celery and pungent draw of the flat leaf parsley. I believe it's a texture thing. With each bite you get the creaminess of the eggs and mayo, the crunch of the celery and the heat from the onions, and the little bit of satisfaction from the parsley. In all a mouthful of goodness.  Yes, we all know that we "can" make our own mayonnaise with a little elbow grease and some patience, but here in Sweden, their mayo" is not what I would call my favorite. I do search high and low for *Kraft Miracle whip    because it would be a miracle if I ever found it here, so I have to settle with *Hellman's mayo at 10 bucks a jar but I am so not complaining. Anything is better than the alternative.Yikes...

cool your eggs under running water 

There is something romantic about boiling eggs. It's a point to where you need to go by instinct when your boiling your eggs. You can time them for 8 minutes from the boil, or you can cheat and have one of those singing eggs that plays some cliche song letting you know which stage your eggs are at. Either way boil your eggs and run them under a cold bath until you can handle them.The cooler they get the less chance you will have of developing the dreaded grey egg syndrome.
chop up your celery and spring onions in small slices and dice up your eggs add to a bowl chop up some parsley and add a few tablespoons of your favorite mayonnaise and add salt and pepper to taste and presto, you have got yourself a really darn good breakfast.
add everything together

6 eggs organic if you can
3 ribs of celery
3 spring onions
½ cup chopped flat leaf parsley
3-4 tablespoons of mayo depending on your like add a little at a time.
salt and pepper to taste

 Nothing is more satisfying when you can whip up something so simple but so wonderful. Hope you all have a better day then I will have:( it's back to bed for me, and more Lego building for Lilla A. See you all soon.

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